Hiroshima Seitai Rakushinkan ( Therapy & Body working) | Report our house & visitors.

We “Hiroshima Rakushinkan” are in Hiroshima City Downtown.

It takes about a half hour from Hiroshima-Station, Atomic Bomb Dome,

and Miyajimaguchi by train.


We show these foreign guests to “Rakushinkan” today.

They come from France, and U.K.  they are staying at Miyajima for a long time.


They went to Rakushinkan, and Japanese tmple in Kusatsu.

Kusatsu has  historical  town in Hiroshima City, and has many temples, shrines.

They visited them and touched in Japan culture deeply.


As they tried our “Body working” of Seitai as trial.

They said “we get feeling good! and removed tired, stiff shoulders”.


Thank you for drop our today.

If you are interested in “Rakushinkan” and “Seitai body working”,

Please feel free to contact us!