Introduction of “Rakushinkan-Seitai”

Let’s try experience “Japan traditional health exercise”!

We show you “Japan-Yoga, Meditation, Breathing-method, Aikido, and Seitai” which we’ve created to base on Japanese traditional body-working culture for 20 years.

These are Japan-style health exercise methods, and can be useful to remove your fatigue or tired, get to deep relaxations.

Besides you can get relaxations, also feel touching in Japan traditional body-working culture.

Would you try this work-shop, for “Japan-traditional health exercise course”!

We are looking forward that you join in this course!


★ Workshop “Japan-traditional health exercise coures”
  Approx. 60.min.  JPY1,000.-

You can touch with “Japan relaxation exercise for yourself” as follow,

  1. Japan style easy “Yoga” (Wa-Yoga).
  2. Japan traditional meditation and breathing methods.
  3. Japan simple healing methods for “Yuki” of touching therapy.
  4. Health methods is made from “Aikido”, Japan martial arts.
  5. Trial mini experience of “Seitai” based on Japan traditional therapeutics.

# Acceptable date and time.   /  Every Friday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. 

# Needs “Booking / Reservations” in advanced. (We can’t accept you without booking in advanced.)

Please write down as follow and send it us by e-mail.

1. Your full name (e.g. Taro / Koi )

2. How many members (e.g. One. Two-people)

3. Nationality (e.g. Japan.)

4.  Which day and time is good for you? ( 1st request, 2nd request )

     (e.g.  1st request, 10th.Aug. 15:00 p.m.    2nd request 11st. Aug. 13:00 p.m.)

5.  Your e-mail address and phone number.


Our e-mail  


After you send it to us by e-mail, we check and return you confirmation by e-mail within a few days.

We can accept you with our return confirmation.



Sofia-court Kogo room no.102  2-6-8 Kogo-Naka, Nishi-ward, Hiroshima-city, Japan

Zip Code no.733-0822

(Map as follow, and last page),132.4143279,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xaa3aa7acc764eebb!8m2!3d34.3874279!4d132.4143279?hl=e



Hiroshima-electric railway, 4-minutes walk from “Takasu” or “Furue” stops.

We don’t have any motor-pools and car-parkings.



We don’t accept “Pregnant”, under 18-years old, and serious illness people.

We request you wear attire exercise,

So that please wear on long sleeve shirts, long trousers, socks, handy-towels.

We have a dress room, and rest room.

We can only accept Japanese-yen cash by payment, not accept any credit cards.

Now we only accept “Seitai-Individual therapeutics” for resident in Japan, besides can speak Japanese.

Only can accept this work-shop / Japan-traditional health exercise course for non-residents.


(Self-Introduction / Yasuhiro Nagami MR)                                                                             
I met Master Zuitoku Okajima 20 years ago, and started to study Noguchi Seitai.
He, Zuitoku Okajima treated over 100,000 people until he was death in 2008 years.
Noguchi Seitai is well known to Japan tradional therapeutic, which has also Japan old
typed soothing techniques. ‘I’ve studied this seitai since 20years under Zuitoku Okajima masters.
also study with Master Jojun Hasegawa, and Master Shiro Funahashi whom are Okajima’s top pupils.
I’ve cared over 1,000-people for East Japan huge disasters as volunteer since 2011year.
At last we came back Hiroshima which is home town, opened this “Rakushinkan” on October 2016.